Tags in AAC audio

  • Lee

    Lee - 2011-01-10


    Just installed MediaTomb on my WD MyBook using Optware (as I have little or no idea about Unix).
    Edited config.xml to allow .m4a files to be recognised.
    Created a database using music files created with iTunes over the past 2 or 3 years (not too many, about 5000 songs?).
    mp3 files are imported into the database OK, and assigned according to artist, album etc.
    Any .m4a files are imported, but end up in a folder for unknown artist and album. Does anyone have any idea why? Checking these files shows that the appropriate tags are all there, so I'm not sure what the problem is. (BTW these files all stream OK to my Roku Soundbridge, so no problems there)

  • Lee

    Lee - 2011-01-11


    so after playing around, ONLY mp3 files are imported with the correct tags.
    All other formats, despite having correct tags in the file, are imported as Unknown artist/album.

    Any suggestions?



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