usbmount and Inotify

  • griz

    griz - 2012-09-10

    If any of the people who have worked on this program read this then: thank you!
    I'm using usbmount to automatically mount usb drives and telling mediatomb to watch the /media directory with Inotify. Inotify is definitely working, as moving / copying files shows up instantly. When I pull a usb drive out it is unmounted and is removed from the database, but when I put it back in it isn't added. I have to force a re-scan of the /media directory using the web UI. I've tried

    /etc/init.d/mediatomb force-restart

    but that doesn't work.
    I was thinking maybe I could remove and then add the media folder by http, but that would interrupt ongoing playlists.
    Is there a way to force a rescan?

  • griz

    griz - 2012-09-10

    Also, here's my 'theme' for the web UI.
    It's running on a plug computer with no display, hence "brick" :)

  • griz

    griz - 2012-09-10

    Ah, wish I could edit my first post - it was meant to say "force-reload", not "force-restart".


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