Hi, I'm completely new to mediatomb; I got it pre-installed on a NAS and I hope someone will be willing to respond to my newbee question: can I use the database to organise my pictures in another way, besides the defaults? The PCdirectory structure is fine (even necessary) for use with my PC-based viewer (for which i do not use Mediatomb), but awkward for a UpNP device like a picture frame (which connects to mediatomb). The other default structure ('all photos' and 'date') are not suited either: one contains too many pictures, the other too many sub-folders. So I was hoping I could add a 'container' and point it too a disk-folder (and its subfolders), while, hopefully, specifying the mime-type to scan for. Is this possible? I gather I can make a container and add files one-by-one, but that method would take me months… If anyone would be willing to enlighten me somewhat I would be very grateful.