ERROR: unknown page: update Mediatomb 0.1.2

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-10-26

    Well , I have a little problem with Mediatomb 0.1.2.

    I had Mediatomb 0.1.1 previusly installed.

    And I decided to update to Mediatomb (v. 0.1.2) .

    And here began the problems.

    My Mediatomb autostarts when I boot my system sometimes in 49153 port. If I try to access to the web interface it shows a login/password page so I stop mediatomb server with "/etc/init.d/mediatomb stop" in a ssh terminal

    and restart it with "/home/epkg/bin/mediatomb" that shows usefull informations about the server.

    Now I can access to the web interface but I can only see Database and Filesystems links but they don't work and in the ssh termial appears "ERROR: unknown page: update" everytime that I click on these links.

    Help is welcome, thank you in advance.



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