Multiple Devices

  • bwilkinson

    bwilkinson - 2012-01-05

    Hey all, I am a total noob at media servers.  I have tried googling this, and I hope that I don't get a simple GIYF or RTFM, as I am looking for a simple question.

    I will be changing over to DirecTV, and will have six receivers in the house.  I plan on setting up MediaTomb on my server, and want to be able to run multiple different audio streams to whomever wishes to listen to the song they want. (ie song1 to receiver 1, song2 to receiver 2, song3 to receiver 3, etc).

    Will one instance of MediaTomb do this, or will I need multiple server instances for each indvidual stream I wish to have?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • andrew morris

      andrew morris - 2013-09-17

      This is exactly the question I have.

      I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts


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