Larry Schapker - 2011-12-30

I've been combing the forums and documentation and I have not yet found a way to retrieve "non-standard" tags from within FLAC files.

I've attempted to use the "<add-data tag="KEYNAME"/> entry within the config.xml with no success.  After much research, I find that the "id3" (because the tags are not in that format) and "libextractor" (because this only has a static set of tags available) Library-options does not function with my files, and I have not been able to get the "libexif" working either.

I've reviewed my FLAC files with a hex editor and verified that they do contain 3 "non-standard" tags ("ALBUMARTISTSORT", and "ALBUMARTIST", and "ARTISTSORT").

Is there a way from within the "import.js" file to receive those tags (and any other similar tags in the future) and perform logic based on those values (using FLAC Files)?  I feel that this can be done with "MP3" (i.e. id3) tag types (I've seen the examples on how to do this).  I also presume that there is a way for ogg and vorbis tag types, but I have not yet figured how to retrieve those tags.   (I know these tags can be read as the program "kid3" has no problems reading and writing them and Amarok uses the "ARTISTSORT" tag for sorting lists {i.e. ARTIST tag contains "The Cars" "ARTISTSORT" tag contains "Cars, The"}).

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!