Song names unreadable

  • bigstumpi

    bigstumpi - 2007-09-27


    I have mediatomb running on Debian Sarge with taglib.
    If I play a song at my Telegant TG100 the song name is diplayed as the following: "object_id=77905&res_id=0&ext=.mp3".
    Album and Artist are displayed correctly.
    In tree view the song titles are displayed properly.

    Should I file a bug?

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-09-27

      Uhm... interesting. What you see is a part of the object URL and it surely should not appear in the title. Btw you are the first user reporting this and we do have other people who use a TG100; question is - is it a bug on the TG100 side or is it ours.

      I could answer that question if I had a network capture of the communication between MediaTomb and your device. Could you please make a wireshark log for me? Start wireshark, start MT, start the TG100 and browse to the item that shows the wrong name, then stop the capture and email it to me. Let me know if you need help with wireshark; make sure to run wireshark on the PC where MediaTomb is running.


      • bigstumpi

        bigstumpi - 2007-09-27

        I can try this tomorrow.

        I found out, that the error occurs only when I press the "Play all" button of the TG100.
        When I play single Songs the names are diplayed properly. So I think the problem is on the side of the TG100.
        I will perform a firmware upgrade tomorrow, too. Of course after the wireshark-test.

        Could anyone test the "play all"-behaviour with his TG100, please?


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