Respect Samsung's Object Type Preselection?

  • Heinz Werner Kramski-Grote

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't find an anwer but a long cyrillic thread on Samsung TVs not suitable for my german brain ;-)

    Today I successfully compiled the latest SVN version on my Seagate Dockstar (ARM) and it works quite well with my supposedly DLNA compliant Samsung TV (LE32B650).

    As Mediatomb seems to be much more flexible than any other server I tried I would like to ask a question I have since I dumped that funny Samsung Windows software months (years?) ago: The TV's player already starts with a main menu offering three main categories: Photos, Music and Movies. There is no need to present the full Audio, Photos, Video hierarchy to the user again on the next level. If for example Photos were chosen in the TV's main menu, it is not possible to play music or videos, even if they are visible in the object tree.

    Is there any way to respect the TV's preselection in Mediatomb and only present the matching subset of objects to the user? (This is the only thing the manufacturer's software does better).

    This would greatly reduce confusion for me and my family.


  • Andy_NL

    Andy_NL - 2010-11-20

    Dumping the 'funny' Samsung Windows software must me max 23 months since you have a 2009 series Samsung TV :)
    I'm the happy owner of a UE40C6800 and I use Mediatomb aswell for the mediaplayer function (which it does flawlessly)

    I don't understand your question entirely. Are you saying that the Samsung WIndows software only offered the specific media type that was selected as the media type in the TV mediaplayer? (mediatype being video, audio or photo)

  • Heinz Werner Kramski-Grote

    Exactly. Moreover, the player not only shows his so called "basic view" (like with any other non-Samsung server) but some nice additional selectable viewing modes.

    I just installed Samsung's current PC Share Manager 2.33 again and made some "sreen shots" of the player's main menu and the next menu levels provided by the servers (PC Share Mgr vs. Mediatomb). See (Looks like PC Share Manager matured somehow, but it still takes ages to index even a small test data set like this.)


  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-11-21

    Sorry, I do not think that we will do that "preselection" stuff. I assume they do it similar as the PS3, trying to use the optional Search() feature which we do not support and which is not so easy to implement.

  • Heinz Werner Kramski-Grote

    Very sad. Great job anyway, thanks!


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