daz - 2014-04-23

SO I have installed media tomb on a linux sat box. install works and I can access files and the web interface. the version of MT installed is that which comes with the BlackHole mipsel image 2.0.9 from linuxsatsupport

I've read the docs at mediatomb.cc but not being a techie, find it hard going. I've managed to get where I am through using forums for specific help.

When I fire up windows media player (WMP) on Win7 it correctly identifies "Media Tomb" and lists: Music, Videos, and Recorded TV. I understand these are called "views provided by the server"? How do I change these views/the names and what goes in them. My MT web interface shows filesystem and database views (?), none of which look the same as the structure seen in WMP. Further, the recorded TV files appear in Videos (under WMP) and not recorded TV. They have a ".ts" extension on the hard drive connected to the sat box.