Thomas Glatthor - 2011-08-18

Hi Forum,

my TechniSat S1 Sat-Receiver shows the Directory "Online Services" only in the menu "Pictures" (and therefore (?) without Content in the Subdirectories … there are only Videos ..)

The TechniSat has only three menu items for upnp-Content:  "Music", "Pictures" and "Video/DVR",
there is no "show me all at stuff once that the mediaserver delivers".

Transcoding to video/mpeg is enabled and working, i can see Youtube-flv's as mpeg in FireFox.

When i issue a "play on media renderer technisat" on a YouTube video in upnp-inspector it is also working.
Have anyone ever run into a similar problem?

The only difference i see, is that Youtube videos have more than one URL in upnp-inspector.
I see the URL to the transcoded mpeg and, on second place, the URL to the *flv (and also many URLs pointing to Pictures at which is a place the TechniSat can never ever reach)

My latest test was to add  a mp4 video to the locale content and activate transcoding of mp4 to mpeg, the mpeg plays in FF and upnp-inspector shows two URLs, one to the mpeg and one to the original mp4 file.
The TechniSat does not show this video in the folder "Videos", so i think it must be some problem with the multiple URLs of these items.

Maybe someone knows more …