How to remove folder by scripting

  • Sadar

    Sadar - 2011-10-16


    i'm a newbie. i try to remove some folders like /Database/Photos/Directories/1990.Big.Boss.Band ( action remove all )

    I have not found sample

    somebody help me ?

  • Patrick Häcker

    Patrick Häcker - 2011-11-06

    It's hard to tell how to help you based on so little information.
    You probably want to copy the import script and modify it. Therefor you have to set <virtual-layout type="js"> and have to adapt the path of the tag <import-script>. In your import script find the code outside of all functions (at the end of the file) where addImage is called. You have to add an if-expressions which omits this call depending on the content in obj.location (like if(obj.location != 'PUT ABSOLUTE PATH OF FILE HERE')).


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