Piotr Mackowiak - 2011-04-10

I have Mediatomb running on Mandriva Linux with 3X1,TB HDD for A/V content + 32GB SSD for OS only. The problem is that HDD`s goes spi-down after 20 min of inactivity. When I try to broadcast A/V content from HDD`s, HDD must spin-up. It takes several seconds and sometimes my Samasung TV says "Connection lost" or "Invalid format". Then I switch to "normal" TV function and again to play A/V via ethernet and everything works fine.
I have no possibility to set-up any timeout in Samsun TV. So is it any possibility to set-up such timeout in Mediatomb? Or is any other possibility to resolve the problem without keeping HDD`s spin-up all the time?