I'm attempting to transcode NASA tv tp my WD Live mediaplayer using Mediatomb. So far I've managed to setup the link using the web iterface with the following attributes:

URL http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1368163
Protocol http-get
Class object.item.videoItem
Mimetype video/x-ms-asf

In config.xml I've added the following:

<transcode mimetype="video/x-ms-asf" using="vlcmpeg"/>


<agent command="vlc" arguments="-I dummy -sout '#transcode{venc=ffmpeg,vcodec=mp2v,vb=2048,fps=30,aenc=ffmpeg,acodec=mpga,ab=192,samplerate=44100,channels=2}:std{access=file,mux=ts,dst=%out}' %in vlc:quit"/>

When I attempt this command from the command line as the mediatomb user I see a file generated that I can play using mplayer or VLC viewer.

When I make a fifo using mkfifo and I do the above command at the command line as the user it also works (but uses the fifo instead of a file)

When I select it from my media player I see a named pipe (fifo) created and vlc starts but for some reason there is no data in the fifo. As well it appears as though several vlc instances get created and destroyed as there may be more than one fifo created.

I have checked these vlc/fifo comos with mplayer as well just in case my player is just being stupid but it appears that while the fifo is there (mplayer connects to it no problem) there is not data coming though.

Am I missing something real obvious?


My version of mediatomb was compiled with the following options:

-bash-4.1$ mediatomb -compile-info

MediaTomb UPnP Server version 0.12.1 - http://mediatomb.cc/

Copyright 2005-2010 Gena Batsyan, Sergey Bostandzhyan, Leonhard Wimmer.
MediaTomb is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License version 2

Compile info:

host: x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu
sqlite3: yes
mysql: yes
libjs: yes
libmagic: yes
inotify: yes
libexif: yes
id3lib: disabled
taglib: yes
ffmpeg missing
libmp4v2: yes
external transcoding: yes
curl: yes
YouTube: yes
libextractor disabled
db-autocreate: yes
debug log: yes
protocol info extension:yes
ffmpegthumbnailer: missing
lastfmlib: yes
data directory: /usr/share/mediatomb

and VLC is:

-bash-4.1$ vlc -list
VLC media player 1.1.7 The Luggage (revision exported)
  vout_sdl               Simple DirectMedia Layer video output
  vmem                   Video memory output
  xcb_glx                GLX video output (XCB)
  xcb_window             X11 video window (XCB)
  xcb_window             Embedded window video
  xcb_xv                 XVideo output (XCB)
  snapshot               Snapshot output
  yuv                    YUV video output
  svgalib                SVGAlib video output
  caca                   Color ASCII art video output
  aa                     ASCII-art video output
  vout_wrapper           Transitional video display wrapper
  directfb               DirectFB video output http://www.directfb.org/
  xcb_x11                X11 video output (XCB)
  fb                     GNU/Linux framebuffer video output
  pulse                  Pulseaudio audio output
  oss                    UNIX OSS audio output
  alsa                   ALSA audio output
  jack                   JACK audio output
  aout_file              File audio output
  portaudio              PORTAUDIO audio output
  aout_sdl               Simple DirectMedia Layer audio output
  stream_out_description Description stream output
  stream_out_record      Record stream output
  stream_out_switcher    MPEG2 video switcher stream output
  stream_out_es          Elementary stream output
  stream_out_display     Display stream output
  stream_out_rtp         RTP stream output
  stream_out_transcode   Transcode stream output
  stream_out_duplicate   Duplicate stream output
  stream_out_dummy       Dummy stream output
  stream_out_gather      Gathering stream output
  stream_out_bridge      Bridge stream output
  stream_out_bridge      Bridge stream output
  stream_out_bridge      Bridge stream output
  stream_out_standard    Standard stream output
  stream_out_mosaic_bridge Mosaic bridge stream output
  stream_out_raop        Remote Audio Output Protocol stream output
  stream_out_autodel     Automatically add/delete input streams
  stream_out_smem        Stream output to memory buffer
  audiobargraph_v        Audio Bar Graph Video sub filter
  audiobargraph_v        Audio Bar Graph Video sub filter
  clone                  Clone video filter
  invert                 Invert video filter
  erase                  Erase video filter
  postproc               Video post processing filter
  adjust                 Image properties filter
  transform              Video transformation filter
  puzzle                 Puzzle interactive game video filter
  swscale                Video scaling filter
  ripple                 Ripple video filter
  opencv_wrapper         OpenCV video filter wrapper
  wave                   Wave video filter
  gaussianblur           Gaussian blur video filter
  gradient               Gradient video filter
  motionblur             Motion blur filter
  psychedelic            Psychedelic video filter
  wall                   Wall video filter
  blendbench             Blending benchmark filter
  croppadd               Video scaling filter
  grain                  Grain video filter
  panoramix              Panoramix: wall with overlap video filter
  marq                   Marquee display
  rv32                   RV32 conversion filter
  crop                   Crop video filter
  atmo                   AtmoLight Filter
  dynamicoverlay         Dynamic video overlay
  yuvp                   YUVP converter
  scene                  Scene video filter
  rss                    RSS and Atom feed display
  logo                   Logo sub filter
  logo                   Logo video filter
  mosaic                 Mosaic video sub filter
  deinterlace            Deinterlacing video filter
  deinterlace            Deinterlacing video filter
  extract                Extract RGB component video filter
  alphamask              Alpha mask video filter
  rotate                 Rotate video filter
  chain                  Video filtering using a chain of video filter modules
  canvas                 Canvas video filter
  video_filter_wrapper   Video filter magnify wrapper
  video_filter_wrapper   Video filter panoramix wrapper
  video_filter_wrapper   Video filter wall wrapper
  video_filter_wrapper   Video filter clone wrapper
  video_filter_wrapper   Video filter logo wrapper
  video_filter_wrapper   Video filter puzzle wrapper
  magnify                Magnify/Zoom interactive video filter
  osdmenu                On Screen Display menu
  blend                  Video pictures blending
  colorthres             Color threshold filter
  opencv_example         OpenCV face detection example filter
  noise                  Noise video filter
  sharpen                Sharpen video filter
  mirror                 Mirror video filter
  motiondetect           Motion detect video filter
  scale                  Video scaling filter
  remoteosd              Remote-OSD over VNC
  bluescreen             Bluescreen video filter
  ball                   Ball video filter
  memcpy3dn              3D Now! memcpy
  mux_avi                AVI muxer
  mux_mp4                MP4/MOV muxer
  mux_ts                 TS muxer (libdvbpsi)
  mux_ogg                Ogg/OGM muxer
  mux_wav                WAV muxer
  mux_mpjpeg             Multipart JPEG muxer
  mux_ps                 PS muxer
  mux_asf                ASF muxer
  mux_dummy              Dummy/Raw muxer
  nsv                    NullSoft demuxer
  ogg                    OGG demuxer
  nsc                    Windows Media NSC metademux
  ty                     TY Stream audio/video demux
  avformat               FFmpeg demuxer
  avformat               FFmpeg muxer
  playlist               Playlist
  playlist               ZPL playlist import
  playlist               WPL playlist import
  playlist               iTunes Music Library importer
  playlist               Dummy ifo demux
  playlist               Google Video Playlist importer
  playlist               QuickTime Media Link importer
  playlist               Kasenna MediaBase parser
  playlist               ASX playlist import
  playlist               New winamp 5.2 shoutcast import
  playlist               XSPF playlist import
  playlist               Podcast parser
  playlist               DVB playlist import
  playlist               B4S playlist import
  playlist               PLS playlist import
  playlist               RAM playlist import
  playlist               M3U playlist import
  demuxdump              File dumper
  mpgv                   MPEG-I/II video demuxer
  smf                    SMF demuxer
  dirac                  Dirac video demuxer
  voc                    VOC demuxer
  ts                     MPEG Transport Stream demuxer
  mod                    MOD demuxer (libmodplug)
  aiff                   AIFF demuxer
  nuv                    Nuv demuxer
  rawdv                  DV (Digital Video) demuxer
  es                     MPEG-I/II/4 / A52 / DTS / MLP audio
  es                     MPEG-4 video
  mpc                    MusePack demuxer
  avi                    AVI demuxer
  h264                   H264 video demuxer
  ps                     MPEG-PS demuxer
  ps                     MPEG-PS demuxer
  au                     AU demuxer
  tta                    TTA demuxer
  pva                    PVA demuxer
  rawaud                 Raw audio demuxer
  flacsys                FLAC demuxer
  xa                     XA demuxer
  live555                RTP/RTSP/SDP demuxer (using Live555)
  live555                RTSP/RTP access and demux
  wav                    WAV demuxer
  vobsub                 Vobsub subtitles parser
  demux_cdg              CDG demuxer
  asf                    ASF v1.0 demuxer
  vc1                    VC1 video demuxer
  mjpeg                  M-JPEG camera demuxer
  mp4                    MP4 stream demuxer
  real                   Real demuxer
  mkv                    Matroska stream demuxer
  subtitle               Text subtitles parser
  rawvid                 Raw video demuxer
  sdl_image              SDL_image video decoder
  a52                    A/52 parser
  a52                    A/52 audio packetizer
  vorbis                 Vorbis audio decoder
  vorbis                 Vorbis audio encoder
  vorbis                 Vorbis audio packetizer
  fake                   Fake video decoder
  libmpeg2               MPEG I/II video decoder (using libmpeg2)
  mpeg_audio             MPEG audio layer I/II/III decoder
  mpeg_audio             MPEG audio layer I/II/III packetizer
  subsdec                Text subtitles decoder
  cvdsub                 CVD subtitle decoder
  cvdsub                 Chaoji VCD subtitle packetizer
  zvbi                   VBI and Teletext decoder
  cdg                    CDG video decoder
  dirac                  Dirac video encoder using dirac-research library
  dts                    DTS parser
  dts                    DTS audio packetizer
  theora                 Theora video decoder
  theora                 Theora video encoder
  theora                 Theora video packetizer
  dvbsub                 DVB subtitles decoder
  dvbsub                 DVB subtitles encoder
  lpcm                   Linear PCM audio decoder
  lpcm                   Linear PCM audio packetizer
  aes3                   AES3/SMPTE 302M audio decoder
  aes3                   AES3/SMPTE 302M audio packetizer
  omxil                  Audio/Video decoder (using OpenMAX IL)
  omxil                  Video encoder (using OpenMAX IL)
  png                    PNG video decoder
  flac                   Flac audio decoder
  flac                   Flac audio encoder
  cc                     Closed Captions decoder
  kate                   Kate overlay decoder
  spudec                 DVD subtitles decoder
  spudec                 DVD subtitles packetizer
  faad                   AAC audio decoder (using libfaad2)
  avcodec                FFmpeg audio/video decoder
  avcodec                FFmpeg deinterlace video filter
  avcodec                FFmpeg audio/video encoder
  adpcm                  ADPCM audio decoder
  libass                 Subtitle renderers using libass
  svcdsub                Philips OGT (SVCD subtitle) decoder
  svcdsub                Philips OGT (SVCD subtitle) packetizer
  araw                   Raw/Log Audio decoder
  araw                   Raw audio encoder
  invmem                 Memory video decoder
  twolame                Libtwolame audio encoder
  t140                   T.140 text encoder
  subsusf                USF subtitles decoder
  x264                   H.264/MPEG4 AVC encoder (x264)
  fluidsynth             FluidSynth MIDI synthetizer
  telx                   Teletext subtitles decoder
  rawvideo               Pseudo raw video decoder
  rawvideo               Pseudo raw video packetizer
  speex                  Speex audio decoder
  speex                  Speex audio encoder
  speex                  Speex audio packetizer
  schroedinger           Schroedinger video decoder
  realvideo              RealVideo library decoder
  cdda                   Audio CD input
  rtp                    Real-Time Protocol (RTP) input
  v4l2                   Video4Linux2 input
  v4l2                   Video4Linux2 Compressed A/V
  dc1394                 dc1394 input
  access_smb             SMB input
  dvb                    DVB input with v4l2 support
  access_dv              Digital Video (Firewire/ieee1394)  input
  access_gnomevfs        GnomeVFS input
  vcd                    VCD input
  access_attachment      Attachment input
  access_oss             OSS input
  dvdread                DVDRead Input (no menu support)
  access_ftp             FTP input
  access_ftp             FTP upload output
  pvr                    IVTV MPEG Encoding cards input
  access_http            HTTP input
  access_jack            JACK audio input
  zip                    Zip files filter
  zip                    Zip access
  access_imem            Memory input
  access_imem            Memory input
  access_fake            Fake video input
  access_bd              Blu-Ray Disc Input
  access_tcp             TCP input
  access_mmap            Memory-mapped file input
  access_mms             Microsoft Media Server (MMS) input
  access_sftp            SFTP input
  access_mtp             MTP input
  filesystem             File input
  filesystem             Directory input
  xcb_screen             Screen capture (with X11/XCB)
  dvdnav                 DVDnav Input
  access_udp             UDP input
  access_avio            FFmpeg access
  access_alsa            Alsa audio capture input
  access_realrtsp        Real RTSP
  stream_filter_record   Internal stream record
  decomp                 Decompression
  decomp                 Decompression
  decomp                 Decompression
  stream_filter_rar      Uncompressed RAR
  skins2                 Skinnable Interface
  skins2                 Skins loader demux
  skins2                 Skinnable Interface
  ncurses                Ncurses interface
  qt4                    Qt interface
  qt4                    Qt interface
  qt4                    Dialogs provider
  fbosd                  GNU/Linux osd/overlay framebuffer interface
  telepathy              Telepathy "Now Playing" (MissionControl)
  xscreensaver           X Screensaver disabler
  inhibit                Power Management Inhibitor
  xtag                   Simple XML Parser
  vod_rtsp               RTSP VoD server
  lua                    Interfaces implemented using lua scripts
  lua                    Interfaces implemented using lua scripts
  lua                    French TV
  lua                    Freebox TV
  lua                    Lua SD Module
  lua                    Interfaces implemented using lua scripts
  lua                    Fetch artwork using lua scripts
  lua                    Lua Interface Module (shortcuts)
  lua                    Lua Playlist Parser Interface
  lua                    Read meta data using lua scripts
  lua                    Fetch meta data using lua scripts
  xml                    XML Parser (using libxml2)
  osd_parser             osd_parser
  osd_parser             XML OSD configuration importer
  osd_parser             OSD configuration importer
  svg                    svg
  xdg_screensaver        XDG screen saver inhibition
  audioscrobbler         Submission of played songs to last.fm
  logger                 File logging
  sqlite                 SQLite database module
  stats                  Stats encoder function
  stats                  Stats demux function
  stats                  Stats decoder function
  notify                 LibNotify Notification Plugin
  freetype               Freetype2 font renderer
  gnutls                 GnuTLS transport layer security
  gnutls                 GnuTLS server
  dummy                  Dummy interface function
  dummy                  libc memcpy
  dummy                  Dummy font renderer function
  dummy                  Stats video output function
  dummy                  Dummy video output function
  dummy                  Dummy audio output function
  dummy                  Dummy encoder function
  dummy                  Dump decoder function
  dummy                  Dummy decoder function
  dummy                  Dummy demux function
  export                 export
  export                 HTML playlist export
  export                 XSPF playlist export
  export                 M3U8 playlist export
  export                 M3U playlist export
  packetizer_vc1         VC-1 packetizer
  packetizer_mpeg4video  MPEG4 video packetizer
  packetizer_dirac       Dirac packetizer
  packetizer_mpegvideo   MPEG-I/II video packetizer
  packetizer_mlp         MLP/TrueHD parser
  packetizer_copy        Copy packetizer
  packetizer_h264        H.264 video packetizer
  packetizer_mpeg4audio  MPEG4 audio packetizer
  packetizer_flac        Flac audio packetizer
  signals                POSIX signals handling interface
  oldtelnet              VLM remote control interface
  lirc                   Infrared remote control interface
  netsync                Network synchronisation
  oldhttp                HTTP remote control interface
  globalhotkeys          Global Hotkeys interface
  oldrc                  Remote control interface
  dbus                   D-Bus control interface
  gestures               Mouse gestures control interface
  hotkeys                Hotkeys management interface
  motion                 motion control interface
  yuy2_i420              Conversions from YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,cyuv to I420
  grey_yuv               Conversions from GREY to I420,YUY2
  i420_rgb               I420,IYUV,YV12 to RGB2,RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversions
  i422_yuy2              Conversions from I422 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IUYV,cyuv,Y211
  i420_yuy2              Conversions from I420,IYUV,YV12 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IUYV,cyuv,Y211
  yuy2_i422              Conversions from YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,cyuv to I422
  i422_i420              Conversions from I422,J422 to I420,IYUV,J420,YV12,YUVA
  folder                 Folder meta data
  taglib                 taglib
  taglib                 taglib
  spdif_mixer            Dummy S/PDIF audio mixer
  float32_mixer          Float32 audio mixer
  trivial_mixer          Trivial audio mixer
  access_output_dummy    Dummy stream output
  access_output_shout    IceCAST output
  access_output_udp      UDP stream output
  access_output_file     File stream output
  access_output_http     HTTP stream output
  memcpymmxext           MMX EXT memcpy
  audio_format           Audio filter for PCM format conversion
  headphone_channel_mixer Headphone virtual spatialization effect
  chorus_flanger         Sound Delay
  mpgatofixed32          MPEG audio decoder
  trivial_channel_mixer  Audio filter for trivial channel mixing
  audiobargraph_a        Audio part of the BarGraph function
  a52tofloat32           ATSC A/52 (AC-3) audio decoder
  converter_fixed        Fixed point audio format conversions
  converter_fixed        Fixed point audio format conversions
  mono                   Audio filter for stereo to mono conversion
  simple_channel_mixer   Audio filter for simple channel mixing
  bandlimited_resampler  Audio filter for band-limited interpolation resampling
  param_eq               Parametric Equalizer
  equalizer              Equalizer with 10 bands
  dtstospdif             Audio filter for DTS->S/PDIF encapsulation
  normvol                Volume normalizer
  a52tospdif             Audio filter for A/52->S/PDIF encapsulation
  scaletempo             Audio tempo scaler synched with rate
  ugly_resampler         Audio filter for ugly resampling
  dtstofloat32           DTS Coherent Acoustics audio decoder
  dolby_surround_decoder Simple decoder for Dolby Surround encoded streams
  spatializer            Audio Spatializer
  i422_yuy2_mmx          MMX conversions from I422 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IUYV,cyuv
  i420_rgb_mmx           MMX I420,IYUV,YV12 to RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversions
  i420_yuy2_mmx          MMX conversions from I420,IYUV,YV12 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IUYV,cyuv
  memcpymmx              MMX memcpy
  projectm               libprojectM effect
  visual                 Visualizer filter
  i420_rgb_sse2          SSE2 I420,IYUV,YV12 to RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversions
  i420_yuy2_sse2         SSE2 conversions from I420,IYUV,YV12 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IUYV,cyuv
  i422_yuy2_sse2         SSE2 conversions from I422 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IUYV,cyuv
  udev                   Video capture (Video4Linux)
  udev                   Video capture (Video4Linux)
  udev                   Discs
  udev                   Audio capture (ALSA)
  bonjour                Bonjour services
  bonjour                Bonjour services
  upnp_intel             Universal Plug'n'Play
  upnp_intel             Universal Plug'n'Play
  xcb_apps               Screen capture
  xcb_apps               Screen capture
  mediadirs              My Videos
  mediadirs              My Videos
  mediadirs              My Pictures
  mediadirs              My Music
  podcast                Podcasts
  podcast                Podcasts
  mtp                    MTP devices
  mtp                    MTP devices
  sap                    Network streams (SAP)
  sap                    SDP Descriptions parser
  sap                    Network streams (SAP)
  main                   main program