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Non-English characters in playlist filenames

Dave McKay
  • Dave McKay

    Dave McKay - 2012-02-19

    I have a number of playlists which incorporate non-English characters. As an example:

    Fauré - Requiem.m3u

    MediaTomb seems to mess up when importing these. I get a playlist called "Faur?"

    As per, I've set the metadata and filesystem charsets to UTF-8 in config.xml, and, while I can now see the correct characters in the Filesystem view (where previously they were as above), the import of playlists is still messed up.

    These characters work fine elsewhere within MediaTomb (eg in hierarchies extracted from MP3 tags).

    Any ideas what else I should be doing?



  • Dave McKay

    Dave McKay - 2012-02-29

    A bit of experimentation and digging in some of the nether regions of the code uncovered another configurable charset, <playlist-charset>, which, when also set to UTF-8, means playlists import fine now!

    Hope this might help someone else!



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