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Ron Murray
  • Ron Murray

    Ron Murray - 2007-01-24


       Most of my audio files are .ogg files, although I do have about 20 .mp3 files. I can see all of my files in the PC Directory object, but only the .mp3 files appear in the Audio object. It doesn't look like the ogg files are being processed for some reason. Is this a known problem?

       This is with the version of 0.9 snaffled from SVN last night. I've tried it with taglib and id3lib with no obvious difference. I do note that looking at the ogg files with id3info shows no tags, although they appear ok using ogginfo.

       I presume we add files/directories to the database by going to them in the PC Directory object and clicking on the '+' sign-in-the-circle. Correct?

    Any help appreciated.


    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-01-24


      the reason was quite simple: I forgot to add ogg handling to the import script :)
      Try revision 1001, it should work there.

      Note, that by default we compile against id3lib, so if you want .ogg tags to get parsed you should compile MediaTomb with taglib support.

      Regarding adding media:
      for static content, hit the "+" icon; if you want the directory to get scanned for new data in a specified time interval, then you should click the "+" surrounded by arrows (circle) icon.

      Please let me know if the .ogg fix worked for you.


      • Ron Murray

        Ron Murray - 2007-01-25

        Thanks for the update. I noticed that the .ogg stuff was missing from the import script last night and added some code to do it, but it didn't seem to help. I suspect that's because I was trying to add files from the "PC Directory" section of the Database view, rather than from the Filesystem view.

        Anyway, it now works fine with the current SVN code. I'm impressed!

        FYI, MediaTomb is running here on a Mac G3 (PPC) running Linux, and the player is a D-Link DSM-520. I've had no problems so far, apart from the .ogg file thing.

        Thanks for your help, and for creating MediaTomb in the first place.


    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-01-25

      Nice! Thanks for the report :)


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