Mad Professor - 2012-06-06

Good day all.

I am looking for some help and advice regarding MediaTomb on my ubuntu linux server.

At this point in time I am running MediaTomb, but I am having grate problems setting it up to support all of the devices I wish to use.

Here is a list of devices I would like to work with my media server:
Samsung C8000 TV.
Samsung BD-C6900 Bluray Player.
Panasonic DMP-BD75 Bluray Player.
Xbox 360.
HTC Desire HD.
HTC Sensation.
HTC One X.
Windows PC/Laptop.

The problem I have is if I adjust the config.xml to support say the samsung devices, then I am unable to playblack on other devices.

Is there a way to setup MediaTomb and or the config.xml file, so that it will support all of the devices I have listed above?

Can you please advice.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards.