Mediatomb with Dreambox as client

  • Espen Solbu

    Espen Solbu - 2009-07-30

    I am trying tu use my Dreamboxes as upnp clients to MediaTomb. The Dreambox is limited so that it can only play mpeg2 streams.

    I used the script from the transcode section in the documents, added a few more mime types to it, and now all video files get transcoded to mpeg2.

    My only remaining problem now, is that many if the files don't show up in the "browser" of the dreambox.
    VOB files show up unmodified
    mpeg files show up (but with .vob appended to end of filename)

    avi files do not show up (but, if i play them with another upnp player, i can see in my server console that these get transcoded fine to mpeg2, (and they play fine in the client))

    I have deleted the database and reimported after i modified the config file

    Any suggestions? (somehow rename the files?)


    • Jin

      Jin - 2009-08-09

      Try playing around with the hide-original-resource settings or with the first-resource option in the profile.

      • Espen Solbu

        Espen Solbu - 2009-08-19

        Tried that now, had no luck. However:

        I experimented alittle with the mimetypes, and figured out that the only way that the files would be visible in the Dreambox browser, was to set the mimetypes to:

        However, i seem to be unable to add a transcoding profile to these mimetypes, if i do add the "video-common" profile to any of those,, these files then disappear from the Dreambox browser. The mediatomb-transcode script never gets called.

        when testing using xbmc on a windows computer as renderer, all the files show up properly. And if I have the video-common profile attached, the files do get transcoded (independent of mimetype=mp2p x-msvideo or mpeg (I've added some logging to the mediatomb-transcode script, so i can see when it gets run)

        This is very puzzling to me.
        I guess there is something in the profile that needs changing, i'll try to play around with them a little, i have not tried the hide-original-resource after i figured out what mimetype i needed.


        • Espen Solbu

          Espen Solbu - 2009-08-19

          I've now experimented some more with hide-original-resource, and some other settings in the video-common profile, but no go. As soon as I enable that profile, the files dissappear in the dreambox browser..

    • Pazzeo pazzerino

      Hello guy,

      Which client do you use with the dreambox? I want to try but i don't find anything...

      Thank you very much

      • Espen Solbu

        Espen Solbu - 2009-08-30

        I use the plugin that is available for the Gemini image. (run gemini, then choose to download addons, and gemini-plugins, and you can find a upnp client)

        I have tried and gotten to work (for mpeg2 only, without transcoding enabled) on both a DM500S and a DM7000S

    • Pazzeo pazzerino understand, you haven't tried the transcoding, why? It is possible that it doesn't work?


      • Espen Solbu

        Espen Solbu - 2009-08-31

        Well i did try transcoding, otherwise it is not possible to show divx, xvid and similar.

        However, i never managed to get it to work.
        As mentioned otherwhere in this thread, i tried to use the profiles from the documentation, however as soon as i enable the transcoding profile to a mimetype/extension, files with that mimetype/extension dissappear from the dreambox browser.

        I have not had time to experiment further, but i would love an update if you manage to get it working.

        (as mentioned, i've gotten the files to show up on the dreambox if i set the mimetype to:
        Then i guess what is left, is to get these files transcoded to a mpeg2 format)

  • konrad O

    konrad O - 2011-01-08


    I thought I am the only one trying transocoding get it working with my DM800HD. If any of you managed to play transcoded avi stream on dreambox, please share your config.

    At the moment I hane the same problem with disappearing files in browser.



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