derek - 2013-09-16

I set up a new media server on Ubuntu 12.04, but I'm having some strange results.
I have MediaTomb and BubbleUPnP set up on my laptop and my android clients work fine. When a video can't play it dies with a message after trying to load in the video player.

The new media server will play mp3s, but very few videos will play.

On the laptop that's working:
A long click shows a menu with 8 options, including Play, Enqueue, etc
Pictures load thumbnails
Clicking a video launches the video player, short loading icon, then plays

On the media server:
A long click shows a menu with 2 options, Download and Show metadata
Pictures do not load thumbnails and do nothing on click (long click shows same 2 options)
Clicking a video do nothing (no video player, no loading icon, a long click only shows the 2 options)

There a a very few videos that will play. I got mp3s to work fine, but nothing else wants to flow. I was having permission issues, which showed in the logs, but this "do nothing" issue does not log.

It's a fresh install, so do I need codecs or something special? They all play fine in VLC.
I've tried telling the android client to transcode to 480p / 128Kbps to no avail. All of the file names show.

Something else I concidered is that sometimes the web server is trying to return /something/Content/blabla/stream?param (paraphrasing), and a temp folder would make sense for thumbnails and streaming content. Is there a folder or a file used there that need a chgrp for permission purposes?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I bolded the most important parts for skim readers who might have seen this before.