Anonymous - 2012-01-18

Dear All,
I have an encrypted partition, which mounts using libpam_mount every time a user logs in. When he logs off, the partition is unmounted. I wanted to install mediatomb such, that when  an external access is requested from a device, it would check the credentials against valid unix password, mount the partition, and provide contents of this partition.

I installed mediatomb and tried to play with it. I'm not sure whether I understand the mechanism of loggin in, but it seems, that when the mediatomb service (under debian, if this is relevant) starts, it logs in user 'mediatomb', which automatically mounts the encrypted partition (because of libpam_mount, which specifies that every user which logs in properly mounts it). This of course completely scraps the security of the server, because it gets automatically decrypted everytime the mediatomb starts.

So my question is: how to make it such, that external device requires username/password to use the system. That username and password must be valid unix password, which would be used to automatically mount the partitions?

Is this possible with mediatomb? Is this possible at all with DLNA?