mimetype: video/x-ms-avi

  • corgans

    corgans - 2007-07-14


    I am running mediatomb on Ubuntu in conjunction with a

    Philips 37PF9731D/10. These are the TVs with a network connection that can pickup UPNP media servers. The software that comes with it - Philips Media Manager - is windows/mac based and does not run on linux. It is also pretty useless.

    I have a stack of movies, all in divx/avi format. When mporting videos into the mediatomb database, the default mimetype is "video/x-msvideo". This does not work when trying to stream movies, giving an error message "file not available". I found that by changing the mimetype to "video/x-ms-avi" everything works fine. The Philips software must be doing this conversion when streaming.

    Is there anyway to have this mimetype set as default when importing videos? Right now I have been modifying per video via the web interface, but when you have 1000s of videos this is far from practical.

    I'm pretty to new to mediatomb, so excuse me if this is a blatantly obvious question. Your feedback would be appreciated -C

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-07-14


      you can add a simple extension to mimetype mapping in your config.xml, then reimport your avi files. Please refer to the documentation on how to do that or just look in your default config.xml, you will see the various mappings there.



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