Sony BDP-S370 Bluray player compatibility

  • James Vautin

    James Vautin - 2010-10-26


    Anyone have any recommendations for getting mediatomb visible to a Sony BDP-370 BluRay player? The player doesn't see mediatomb via upnp at all. Surprisingly, this player will do most formats over DLNA with no transcoding necessary.

    I've had success with Serviio, but I'm having lots of performance and configuration issues with it. (not to mention it takes 80 seconds to start up on a quad core machine). Also significant problems when attempting to seek - goes into an endless loop of skipping/jitter.

    I've also been able to read a directory structure with PS3 Media Server, but files won't play. Serviio has been the closest I've got so far. I would much prefer to user a faster and open source product like medaitomb.

    I've tried sniffing the upnp packets as well, but I can't see mediatomb doing anything different from Serviio to make itself visible to the player.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

    Thanks you.

  • James Vautin

    James Vautin - 2010-10-28

    Scratch that - I've returned the player, and here is why:

  • cynthiya

    cynthiya - 2011-10-09

    how about the audio streaming… Was that working good with the 'protocol extn' stuff for ps3 (i guess its whole Sony players thing)enabled in the mediatomb config file.?


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