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mediatomb and uverse

  • y_t_n

    y_t_n - 2010-11-16

    I just recently installed mediatomb, however, my uverse box does not seem to see it (uverse supports DLNA / uPnP for streaming music and pictures).

    The uverse box works fine with tversity (sees the music and pictures), however, with mediatomb, it doesn't even see the server.

    Anyone have any suggestions for how I could get this to work?


  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-11-21

    What is a "uverse box"? OK, I googled it up but I could not find detailes specs, does it really say it supports UPnP? Or does it list DLNA only? I would guess it's one of this "DLNA-only" implementations, could explain why it does not see MT.

    I'd first recheck, for example with XBMC to ensure that your MT setup is fine…

  • y_t_n

    y_t_n - 2010-12-11

    MT works fine with my other UPnP / DLNA clients (like PS3). It just doesn't work with the uverse box (which is based off Microsoft Windows CE).

    I tested with TVersity as well, and the uverse box seems to see that (however, I need a linux based UPnP / DLNA server).


  • sparvik

    sparvik - 2012-08-06

    I known its been almost a year but when I installed the new version it worked wit my wifi uverse reciever out of the box one time. Now it pops up in the share list then disappears. When it is there long enough to select it it works fine until I back out of it back to the list.

  • Thomas Ford

    Thomas Ford - 2012-08-21

    I'm having the exact same problem with XBMC,
    Mediatomb works with my Netgear EVA2000 and Pure Siesta DAB Radio Alarm Clock
    However for some reason it can't stream to XBMC
    I have the same behaviour that mediatomb sporadically appears in the UPNP devices list but soon disappears and becomes unusable again.

    Would love to get this working again and not have to use smb shares


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