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  • MrRagetti

    MrRagetti - 2011-11-07

    I am using mediatomb 0.11.0-5 and I am failed to findout the virtual container which includes the selected item.

    Imagine: There is a mkv-file called DieHard4.mkv which is located in the virtual container Video/Genre/Action and in the virtual container Video/Actor/BruceWillis.

    Within the config.xml I can integrate a transcoding profile for mkv-files. Typically, the arguments for the agent are %in and %out. %in reflects to the mkv-file itself. At this point I have no information from which virtual container the mkv-file is selected (from Actor or Genre).

    Does anybody know a solution how to get this information?

  • BT

    BT - 2011-11-08

    You don't need to know the files virtual container for transcoding to work. You only need to know the mimetype. Since both virtual items point to the same file, they will also have the same mimetype. You can check the mimetype by navigating to the item via the web interface and clicking edit.

  • MrRagetti

    MrRagetti - 2011-11-08


    thank you for answering. But I see, I need to tell you the whole story what I really what to:

    Since the mediatomb 0.12 did not successfully implemented the DVD-ISO navigation
    (and the configure option associated is commented) I reflect on a workaround.

    I found a workaround for one-title DVD-ISO files under "".
    But this does not work for multiple movies DVD-ISO containing various episodes
    of a TV-series (season).

    Thus, I thought, I can store an XML-file side-by-side to the DVD-ISO containing
    a description which titleset reflects which epsiode. Then, the import script can
    open such XML-file and import the same DVD-ISO file under different virtual containers
    (or under different virtual names within the same virtual container),
    e.g. Epi1, Epi2, Epi3, etc.

    If the transcoding profile would have the information of the virtual item,
    the agent would be able to pass the correct title-set to the DLNA-client (through
    using 'lsdvd' tool).

    You see: My objective is to dispatch different titlesets from a DVD-ISO within
    the transcoding profile. I thought it was to difficult for a first entry of a new
    topic. But now I found short 4-paragraph description and I am a little bit wiser,
    that I should open the topic with more details.

    Nevertheless, do you have an idea for me?


  • BT

    BT - 2011-11-08

    The MediaTomb scripting engine normally doesn't allow you to open local files. Therefore you wouldn't be able to read the XML file.

    However you can read a file if it's imported as a playlist. To have the XML file treated as a playlist, you need to add <treat mimetype="application/xml" as="playlist"/> to the <mimetype-contenttype> section. You would also need to write a parser function for the XML file.

    Even with this option I'm still not sure if it's possible to achieve what you want, but it's a starting point.

  • MrRagetti

    MrRagetti - 2011-11-09


    thank you very much for teaching me in (not) reading local files within
    the import script.

    I guess, as you mentioned, that then the playlist is a good starting point.

    Then, I am thinking, not to import the DVD-ISO file itself. Instead, I can import
    the XML-file, which then imports the DVD-ISO. The benefit: On the first hand,
    the XML-file can point to the DVD-ISO, on the other hand it can point to a prepared
    description JPG-file to display a movie-cover beside a description, movie length,
    actor list, etc. like other multimedia-player realizes that through their

    And: You gave me a new idea, how to select the different title sets: Instead of
    dispatching this through the transcoding profile itself I can use the mimetype!
    When I declare for each titleset a different mimetype e.g. video/DVD-ISO-Title-1,
    video/DVD-ISO-Title-2, video/DVD-ISO-Title-3, etc. (up to 4, 6, or 8). Then the XML-file
    declares the interrelationship between titleset and mimetype. Now I can implemented
    for each mimetype a transcoding profile of its own. This re-assignes the mimetype
    and publishes the correct one to the DLNA-client. Certainly, the profiles use the
    same mencoder batch file (kernel), but with different parameter which is the titleset.

    This all sounds like a large project. I can imagine that it works, but
    I want to test at first Syabas' new Popcorn Hour A-300. Perhaps, this player
    is able to play DVD-ISO directly over UPnP. A little hope… I know…

    But: The kernel of the problem would keep the same. If I want to evaluate
    metadata for the DVD-ISO through a side-by-side XML-file, I need to implement
    this feature through a playlist mechanism. It sounds difficult, but feasible…

    What do you think?


  • BT

    BT - 2011-11-09

    I recommend you go with the Popcorn Hour since it will play pretty much everything. And better yet, since it supports SMB and NFS you don't need to worry about UPnP.


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