config.xml is referencing an incorrect file

  • Clint Pedersen

    Clint Pedersen - 2011-05-19

    In my config.xml, I'm referencing a .sh file with the following code:

          <profile name="multifunctional" enabled="yes" type="external">
            [u]<agent command="/usr/local/bin/" arguments="%in %out"/>[/u]
            <buffer size="102400" chunk-size="51200" fill-size="20480"/>

    However, when I try to launch mediatomb, I get an error saying something to the effect of:

    /usr/local/bin/mediatomb-multifunctional.[u]shis[/u] is not executable

    Nowhere in my config.xml do I reference "/usr/local/bin/mediatomb-multifunctional.shis". For kicks, in my config.xml, I changed the reference to "/usr/local/bin/mediatomb-multifunctional.asdf" and tried launching mediatomb. I got this error:

    /usr/local/bin/mediatomb-multifunctional.[u]asdf[/u] is not executable

    So, I know that it's trying to load that file. I just can't figure out why it's adding the 'is' on to the .sh extension.

    Any thoughts?

    P.S. I'm fairly new to Linux. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04.

  • BT

    BT - 2011-05-19

    That is strange. I don't think MediaTomb is actually trying to run 'filename.shis'. I think the 'is' is just a bug in the error message printed by MediaTomb.

    I think your actual problem is that your script isn't executable. You can run 'chmod +x /path/to/file' to make it executable. You also don't need to have extensions for scripts or executables. It's just a common practice to help distinguish them visually.

  • Clint Pedersen

    Clint Pedersen - 2011-05-20

    That's true about the extension. It's been a while since I've really used Linux on a daily basis. So much information has been lost. Regardless, a quick chmod 755 did the trick. I thought it was still weird though.


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