rom69 - 2011-03-01

Hello together,

I installed mediatomb-0.12.1 on my CH3SNAS (compatible to DNS-323). Everything is working fine and as long as the sqlite database is small, I can access with mediatomb web frontend, Kinskydesktop, XBMC on Windows 7 and with the upnp client of my enigma2 sat box. The strange thing is, when the database gets bigger (my one has more than 100MB), I can just access with mediatomb web frontend and Kinskydesktop. Trying to access with XBMC or my emigma2 upnp client causes a sqlite I/O error in mediatomb log and afterwards no client can access anymore. After this happens, I cannot stop mediatomb anymore and have to reboot the CH3SNAS.

Any idea what the reason for this behavior is and what has to be done?