John Lane - 2013-05-19

Hello, I've been trying to get DVDs working in Mediatomb. I have two methods and both work to an extent.

I first set up a transcode action that uses vobcopy to extract the main title from an iso. This works great but it suffers the loss of pause/fwd/rew actions on the client. There is also the overhead of running vobcopy to consider.

Next, I then extracted an iso into a directory tree and symlinked the first vob into my library as name.mpg. This plays fine and has the pause/fwd/rew actions working on the client. However, one vob is only one chunk of the programme.

What I thought of doing next was to set up some kind of play-list to tell mediatomb to play all the relevant vobs in sequence. I can't find out how to set up a video playlist though, can anyone point me in the right direction please?