gibbylinks - 2014-01-26

Hi All,

I'm a total novice with scripting but I have a problem.

I have a large MP3 collection which I stream to my Android tablet, and
phone. package details below
Mediatomb 0.12.1 (Hosted on Raidsonic/Icybox IB-NAS4220-B NAS box)
BubbleUPnP (Android App running on my Nexus 10 with stock KitKat 4.4.2)

This set-up works great but......

I have been using it with Mediatomb virtual-layouts "disabled" in my
config.xml, and have discovered that none of my music is being
"Scrobbled" to Last.FM.
It would appear that Mediatomb is presenting the wrong information to
Last.FM with this set-up (The filename is being submitted as the TITLE
of the track which is causing Last.FM to ignore it)

I have changed my config.xml to use the "builtin" layout and it now
"Scrobbles" correctly, but I don't like the layout, for me it's too

I'd like my layout to mimic my folder setup on the NAS. I don't want
"Album", "Genre", "Songs","Playlist" etc.

The folders on my NAS are in the following layout

Media -> Music -> A-F -> Artist -> Album -> MP3
-> G-L -> (As above)
-> M-R -> (As above)
-> S-Z -> (As above)

Media -> Pictures -> 2000 -> Subfolder -> JPG
-> 2001 -> Subfolder -> JPG
continues up to present day

Media -> Video -> Films -> AVI's, MP4's etc some in sub-folders

I'd like a script to mimic this layout, but will also do two things,
present my music so it's "Scrobbled" correctly and ignore other
filetypes in the music folders (i.e JPG) etc.

I'd be grateful if someone could give me some pointers or let me know if
there's a script somewhere I could adapt easily.