Anonymous - 2012-11-26


I have installed Mediatomb on NAS and access. I don't use it for streaming local videos since I access to NAS folders directly from my media player (LG MS400H).
I use Mediatomb so far only for streaming radios (I have been looking for tv streams to be set on Mediamtob with no success so far - for instance CNN).

So for radios it is working fine for most of them (french radios).
Only 3 of them are still resisting and I do not know how to make them work. They are what I would call (I am not technical at all :-( ) radios on a server with specific port in opposition of those which are working which are in the form of a .MP3 file :
- Clube BRASIL (
- Radio Moris (
- Banane (

Example of the ones which are working fine :
For some of them I had to find the .mp3 inside the playlist .M3U which was found on Google searches.

Any idea about the best approach to have radio streams with this types of address work ?