id3 tags in mediatomb

  • thejba

    thejba - 2010-11-12

    I use mediatomb 0.11.0-3  on my debian/linux system (lenny) as a upnp server. This works in principla with the client (An asus o!play air multimediaplayer), but there are two problems:

       1. id3 tags are not displayed for mp3s via upnp, while they are displayed for the same file when read via nfs or local usb-device.
       2. Allthough all songs are numbered correctly using id3 tags, they are displayed in alphabetical order and not ordered by the id3-numbers.

    I dont know, if these problems are connected to the upnp server or client, so I have no idea how to change this behaviour. Any hints welcome.


  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-11-21

    The songs are displayed in track order in album view, everywhere else the songs will be served in alphabetical order. This done on the server.

    For 1. - the tags that are available in UPnP, like artist, album, year, genre are propagated to the device, of course only if MediaTomb was compiled with id3lib or taglib support.

  • thejba

    thejba - 2010-12-01

    > The songs are displayed in track order in album view, …

    Ok, I think I know where the problem is: Although you are totally right for the case that all songs are imported using the option "builtin", I experienced a differnet behaviour when using the "js" option:

    The only thing I changed in the script import.js was to delete (actually making it a comment) all database entries except the ones for artist/album/song.  Using this script, the songs are no longer displayed in track order. I think this may be connected to the way, import.js is invoked by mediatomb. Is it true that the script is invoked for each object and that there is no way to change the sequence of calls (which song is used in the first call, it seems to me that mediatomb uses something like 'find' here)? Then, songs are displayed in the same order that was used to create the database entries.

    Is this correct? Is there anything I can do about it?



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