Moving media files when adding to database

  • mag3966

    mag3966 - 2011-03-31

    I am running a Debian system on my desktop computer.  I have attached an external 750gb Maxtor usb harddrive which contains my media files (music, photos, videos, etc).  This external harddrive is mounted at /mnt/usb-f.  My question is when I add this external drive to share media using Mediatomb, will it actually copy the files from that drive to my internal drive or will it just reference the files in place and stream them from the external drive.  I do not want them copied, just merely referenced.  I could not tell from the documentation whether mediatomb actually performs a copy of the files to the database.  I hope that this is not  too silly of a question.  thx.


  • BT

    BT - 2011-04-01

    It only references your files.


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