Dependencies w/FC6 and v0.10

  • Derek Ethier

    Derek Ethier - 2007-07-17

    Having some difficulties with the yum install on Fedora Core 6 and the dependencies. Here's the error:

    Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package mediatomb
    Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package mediatomb
    Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package mediatomb

    However, locate pulls up each dependency:



    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Bill

      Bill - 2007-07-17

      I would suspect that the mediatomb you installed was compiled as a 32bit application and so would need the 32bit versions of those libraries installed on your system.

      Assuming I am correct, I see 3 options.

      1) See if a 64 bit version is available.

      2) Download the source and compile mediatomb on your system.  This should generate a 64bit application.

      3) See if you can load 32 bit versions of the libraries on your system.  I'm not sure how to force yum to select i386 libraries, but you might give a try with yumex and see if you can select them graphically.


    • Derek Ethier

      Derek Ethier - 2007-07-18

      Thanks Bill. I was able to compile it.

      Unfortunately, while it's a great product it doesn't work well with the Linkplayer2 (no javascript support). Also, I was hoping for a small daemon that I could point at a folder and select files from it through the Linkplayer.

      Oh well. Thanks again though.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-07-18

      What exactly is the problem with the Linkplayer? We received feedback from one of our users that the AVeL LinkPlayer2 AVLP2/DVDLA was working fine.

      What exactly do you mean by "no javascript support" and how is that related to UPnP? If the Linkplayer supports the UPnP protocol, it should work. Of course often some finetuning is required, because manufacturers often fail to implement UPnP correctly; however we are often able to workaround those bugs and odd implementations. If you want we can take a closer look at your renderer after I return from holidays.



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