MediaTomb Segmentation fault addRecursive(): IS TASK VALID?

  • le jardinier

    le jardinier - 2013-08-28

    I've had problems with miniDLNA scanning my media store (ITB WD Disk). I've installed MediaTomb to replace miniDLNA but there are still problems scanning my downloads. Running Mediatomb -D I get:

    2013-08-28 19:11:43 DEBUG: [../src/storage/] addObject(): insert_query: INSERT INTO "mt_cds_object" ("object_type","ref_id","dc_title","metadata","flags","mime_type","parent_id","id") VALUES (2,1200,'Bloc Party - Four - So He Begins to Lie','dc%3Atitle=So%20He%20Begins%20to%20Lie&upnp%3Aartist=Bloc%20Party&upnp%3Aalbum=Four&dc%3Adate=2012-08-20&upnp%3Agenre=Alternative&upnp%3AoriginalTrackNumber=1&dc%3Adescription=Bloc%20Party%2C%20Four%2C%20So%20He%20Begins%20to%20Lie%2C%202012%2C%20Alternative',1,'audio/x-flac',992,1208)
    2013-08-28 19:11:43 DEBUG: [../src/] addObject(): After adding: parent ID is 992
    2013-08-28 19:11:43 DEBUG: [../src/] containerChanged(): containerChanged. id: 992, signal: 0
    2013-08-28 19:11:43 DEBUG: [../src/] addRecursive(): Checking path /media/MediaStore/Music/Bloc Party/Silent Alarm
    2013-08-28 19:11:43 DEBUG: [../src/] addRecursive(): IS TASK VALID? [1], taskoath: [/media/MediaStore/Music/Bloc Party/Silent Alarm]
    Segmentation fault

    Linux RT-N56U 3.4.50 #2 Sat Jun 22 03:21:24 KRAT 2013 mips GNU/Linux

    MediaTomb UPnP Server version 0.12.1

    Any ideas ?

  • richard mq

    richard mq - 2013-11-06

    I am seeing the same with my 'stock' openSuSE 12.3-64 installation (reports Packman version mediatomb-0.12.1.svn2103-3.4). It seems to be certain files that cause the problem, omitting these directories stops the crash.

    Other threads suggest the underlying cause is one of ffmpeg or libffmpegthumbnailer4, I don't have the former installed but the latter is again stock openSuSE, reporting version 2.0.8-3.1.

    I will add here if I can make further progress

    Last edit: richard mq 2013-11-06

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