disable full path under PC Directory?

  • Florin Andrei

    Florin Andrei - 2012-11-17

    I keep my media files in three folders (music, video and photo) under /a/pretty/long/path/to/{music,video,photo}

    On the PS3, when I want to browse to photo, I click on MediaTomb, then on PC Directory, then on each level along that path until I get to photo. How can I avoid doing that? I want the 3 directories (music, video, photo) to show up at the top, or at least much closer to it.

    BTW, I disabled virtual layout because I prefer to keep the files organized according to my own criteria.

  • cojms1

    cojms1 - 2012-11-18

    Virtual layout is what you are looking for.  The PC Directory container will mimic the paths as they are on the file system.

    Have a look at http://mediatomb.cc/pages/scripting.  This will enable you to build the containers as you see fit; Music, Video and Photo as top level items and then organised accordingly.

    The virtual layout can be built using JavaScript.

    I have this working on my PS3 without issue.

  • vocis

    vocis - 2012-12-20

    You can also make a directory structure, and use "mount_nullfs" (freebsd) or "mount -o bind" (linux) to make a nice virtual directory structure.


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