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Sony Bravia KDL-40EX520, Transcoding...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-11-04


    I hope someone can help me, i have setup mediatomb and tested numerous examples of config's with no joy in one section.
    I did enable extended features and i am able to pick up mediatomb with my TV. Only 15% of my video files played at that stage. This was because the TV only understand mime type video/divx and most files are xvid, so i managed to get that going and improved playablility to 60% of all files..

    However to go further i actually need to utilize transcoding.. And here is where things fall apart..
    i use the standard video-common profile with the addition of fourcc matching for xvid files..
    The result is that divx plays as usual and many other file types but as soon as it's xvid the tv displays blank folders….

    I tested windows media player as a client and it picked up the files np, and when i hit play , it plays and i can see by my process lists that ffmpeg is converting it on the fly! So it's not the profile thats incorrect but rather something that is confusing the TV. I did also try set hide-orginal to no, and then the tv sees the original xvids (as divx), but not the "transcoded" options…

    Is there something im missing?
    I can play mpeg files so i assume all mime types are correct…

  • Patrick Häcker

    Patrick Häcker - 2011-11-06


    I don't know how helpful this is, but it seems that I had a similar problem. My problem was related with music transcoding, as my TV only accepts MP3 (and not even LPCM as mandated by the standard), so I had to transcode FLAC to MP3. Playing of transcoded data worked from a PC, but not from the TV (in my case aborting each song after about 160 seconds).

    After wasting too much time with this, I decided to transcode the files offline and basically save a copy of the directory tree, which is exported by MediaTomb (the originals are not exported). This wastes disk space, but besides that it at least works.


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