A more detailed structure of photos

  • Elisabeth Wintersteller

    I have more than 10000 photos and would like to create a new structure of the files. The default structure doesn't help me a lot, all photos in 1 folder is not accessible in a short time, also hundreds or 1000 directories in a plain hierarchy.

    My files are already stored in a year-folder and a topic folder, which contains the month.



    How can I create a year/topic structure with mediatomb?

    All jpg-files contain exif-data, so the structure can be created by the file, but as said, my filesystem is already built as I want with mediatomb.

  • BT

    BT - 2011-11-08

    What version of MediaTomb are you using? I ask because with version 0.12.0, a 'Directories' layout was added that mimics the layout of your filesystem structure. This should give you exactly what you're after. If you're not running 0.12.0, then you can use the 'PC Directory' layout which all MediaTomb versions have.

  • Elisabeth Wintersteller

    I use mediatomb 0.12.1-0ubuntu1

    Thanks, I found it, but I am still not very happy. There are so many directories to pass to reach the directory with the photos and the tv doesn't display all photos, while the database does. If you need more info please let me know.

  • BT

    BT - 2011-11-09

    Can you provide the full path to one of your photos? Also which directory did you import into MediaTomb? It makes a difference which is the root import directory when using the 'Directories' layout.

  • Elisabeth Wintersteller


    /fotos is the mountpoint of the partition
    fotos_1080 is the directory for TV with a 1920x1080 resolution
    lisi is the person who made the photo
    1992 is the year
    12_gran.canaria is a combination of month and album name
    19921201000100_001_gran.jpg is the image, with the date included

    My wish would be, that I have a structure starting from 1992 for normal use, but sometimes I would like to change the persons too.

  • BT

    BT - 2011-11-09

    You will need to create a custom import script to achieve the structure you want. To do this you need to be familiar with javascript and have an understanding of how scripting works. You might find a suitable import script in the MediaTomb wiki.

    The problem you still have is that the Ubuntu MediaTomb packages aren't compiled with javascript support. This means you can't use custom import scripts. There is a MediaTomb PPA available with javascript support, but as far as I can tell it's only for Ubuntu 10.04.

  • Elisabeth Wintersteller

    I am not familiar with JS, but it seems there is a script in the wiki, which could match my need:

    simple structured import script
    This one leaves out the first few dir names of the full path to the files.
    With skip=4,
    /home/something/download/mymovie/file.avi → Video/mymovie/file.avi

    I use Natty. If "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/jinto/mediatomb-js/ubuntu lucid main" works, must be tried.

    How can I check, if my mediatomb-version supports Javascript?

  • BT

    BT - 2011-11-10

    Run the following:

    mediatomb -compile-info

    You should get libjs: yes if your version of MediaTomb supports javascript.


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