I am having problems with transcoding. I observe that mediatomb starts several (2-4) parallell transcoding processes. When transcoding video files with vlc this works most of the times, the last process gets to do its thing, while the other processes gets killed off. But sometimes all of the processes disappears and the transcoding fails.

I am trying to create a transcoding script which simply uses the files to identfiy a TV channel, and then my transcoding script first tunes my TV tuner (dreambox) to this channel, and then execs vlc to stream the content via http. This script works sometimes, but it fails most of the times. I assume the problem is related to the fact that mediatomb starts multiple transcoding processes for the same request.

I am using Ubuntu Hardy, and have tried both the stable (0.11) and a fresh SVN version of mediatomb. I observe the same problem when using PS3 and XBMC/Linux as UPNP clients.

This posting describes a similar problem: