Transcoding and Samsung BD-Cxxx

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    Anonymous - 2011-02-06

    I am unable to provide a Samsung BD-C5500 player with a playable transcoded MPEG stream. Doing so invariable results in a 'Not supported file format' error. (The ultimate goal is to provide a live DVB-T stream to this player.)

    To find out where things go wrong, I have created a test MPEG-2 file (test.mpg) using VLC (vcodec=mp2v, acodec=mp2a), and inserted that in the Mediatomb database. Using Cidero, I find that the file is correctly advertised as video/mpeg and it is also playable using the BD-C5500.

    I have then added a 0-byte 'trigger' file with a .dvbts extension (remember my goal to ultimately stream live TV to the player). Mediatomb is then set to transcode this file:

    <map from="dvbts" to="video/x-dvb-ts"/>

    Then, transcoding is set up:

    <transcode mimetype="video/x-dvb-ts" using="dvb-ts"/>

    <profile name="dvb-ts" enabled="yes" type="external">
      <agent command="/etc/mediatomb/" arguments="%in %out"/>
      <buffer size="4194304" chunk-size="131072" fill-size="262144"/>

    The script is then set to do one thing only (I intend to put a tzap or vlc command here later, but I need this for the test):

    cat /tmp/test.mpg > $2

    The test.mpg is the same as the one inserted directly earlier on.

    Guess what, the transcoded version does not play. Using Cidero, I find that the transcoded file is indeed a video/mpeg, and using its URL, I can download it on a PC in Explorer and play it using VLC or WMP. I also noticed that the DLNA.ORG_OP=00 and DLNA.ORG_CI=1 (as opposed to 01 and 0 in the original test.mpg), and resolution, size, duration, bitrate and sampleFrequency fields are missing in the res tag. All of this I find logical for a transcoded stream of unknown length.

    I also noticed that Vista WMP 11 does play the test.mpg URL fine, whereas it also fails on the URL of the transcoded file.

    Is there a fix, or can anyone point me in a direction to debug this issue ? My next move would be to patch MediaTomb to advertise a non-seekable 'file' with a very large size.



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