ffmpeg and libmp4v2 as metadatahandler

  • cojms1

    cojms1 - 2012-08-26

    I have recently recompiled MT to run on my Raspberry Pi (the one in the repository did not have libmp4v2 support).
    I have noticed that with ffmpeg support enabled that libmp4v2 is not used to retrieve the cover art from mp4 files.  Is this by design?

    Is there any way of having the metadata from ffmpeg combined with the cover art that can be retrieved using libmp4v2?

    Thanks in advance…

  • cojms1

    cojms1 - 2012-12-21

    OK.  I seem to have a habit of replying to my old threads at the moment.  The problem that I mentioned here has now been resolved by a patch that I have written.  Link and description for the patch can be found at: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3598047&group_id=129766&atid=715782

    Hope someone finds it useful.


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