Thumbnail and meta-time?

  • Christian Nilsson


    First of all, just wanna say that mediatomb is great!! It's just what i needed for my Gentoo server and ps3 to make a couple ;)

    But there is two things I'm wondering about.

    1. I don't get any picture thumbnails when browsing pictures from mediatomb on the ps3 (if i browse pictures stored local on ps3, i get thumbnails).

    2. When adding pictures to the mediatomb database, all pictures has time 00:00. Do I have to extract som other exif information in config.xml and then edit  import.js? I don't wanna do virtual containers based on the time, it's just because the ps3's slideshow is using the time to show the pictures in a timeline.


    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-01-12


      your images probably have no exif data or you compiled MediaTomb without libexif support.

      We only offer thumbnails if we find embedded exif thumbnails in the image, same goes for the date.

      So you could check if your version of MediaTomb is compiled with libexif, and if your images have exif data available. Most digital camears will automatically embed a thumbnail and also add quite a lot of data, including date, camera settings, etc.

      Kind regards,

      • Christian Nilsson

        Mediatomb sorts all my pictures by date, which means libexif is compiled and working with mediatomb, and that the images has exif info. right?

        So i believe the ps3 isn't checking for the thumbnail via exif? Because it's working right away when same pictures is stored local on ps3.
        Camera is a nikon d70, if anyone else tested this stuff...

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-01-12

      No, the PS3 will look at what we provide - if we find an exif thumbnail then we will provide that info to the PS3; however - this just came to my mind - it is possible that it needs some additional DLNA tag to actually show the thumbnail...

      But first, check your exif data, I think you can use the exiv2 tool to check that; at least you will see the time that is set there - if it is indeed 00:00

      • Christian Nilsson

        What question was earlier was, if the picture is stored local at ps3, do you know how the ps3 create thumbnails? by the same way mediatomb, checks in exif info for a thumbnail? Or just doing a temp resize of picture?

        Anyway, checked for exif info in one of the jpegs. Found both TIME and THUMBNAIL. here you go;

        # exif DSC_7677.JPG
        EXIF tags in 'DSC_7677.JPG' ('Motorola' byte order):
        Tag                 |Value
        Manufacturer        |NIKON CORPORATION
        Model               |NIKON D70
        Orientation         |top - left
        x-Resolution        |300.00
        y-Resolution        |300.00
        Resolution Unit     |Inch
        Software            |Ver.1.03
        Date and Time       |2007:12:24 16:39:14
        YCbCr Positioning   |co-sited
        Compression         |JPEG compression
        x-Resolution        |300.00
        y-Resolution        |300.00
        Resolution Unit     |Inch
        YCbCr Positioning   |co-sited
        Exposure Time       |1/60 sec.
        FNumber             |f/4.5
        ExposureProgram     |Not defined
        Exif Version        |Exif Version 2.21
        Date and Time (origi|2007:12:24 16:39:14
        Date and Time (digit|2007:12:24 16:39:14
        ComponentsConfigurat|Y Cb Cr -
        Compressed Bits per |4.00
        Exposure Bias       |0.00 EV
        MaxApertureValue    |4.20 EV (f/4.3)
        Metering Mode       |Pattern
        Light Source        |0
        Flash               |Flash fired, auto mode, return light detected.
        Focal Length        |40.0 mm
        Maker Note          |26062 bytes unknown data
        User Comment        |
        SubsecTime          |70
        SubSecTimeOriginal  |70
        SubSecTimeDigitized |70
        FlashPixVersion     |FlashPix Version 1.0
        Color Space         |sRGB
        PixelXDimension     |3008
        PixelYDimension     |2000
        Sensing Method      |One-chip color area sensor
        File Source         |DSC
        Scene Type          |1
        CFA Pattern         |
        Custom Rendered     |Normal process
        Exposure Mode       |Auto exposure
        White Balance       |Auto white balance
        Digital Zoom Ratio  |1.00
        Focal Length In 35mm|60
        Scene Capture Type  |Standard
        Gain Control        |Normal
        Contrast            |Normal
        Saturation          |Normal
        Sharpness           |Normal
        Subject Distance Ran|Unknown
        EXIF data contains a thumbnail (8606 bytes).

      • Christian Nilsson

        I also looked into the mysql database, here's a picture entry;

        | 13600 |   NULL |     13585 |           2 | object.item.imageItem | DSC_7665.JPG                                    | F/mnt/raid5/pics/DSC_7665.JPG        |    4099333048 | dc%3Adate=2007-12-19 | NULL    | 0~protocolInfo=http-get%3A%2A%3Aimage%2Fjpeg%3A%2A&resolution=3008x2000~~|1~protocolInfo=http-get%3A%2A%3Aimage%2Fjpeg%3A%2A&resolution=160x120~rct=EX_TH~              |         0 | image/jpeg   |     1 |         NULL | NULL       |

        I don't see that the time is imported anywhere?

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-01-12

      OK, I think I simply missed one thing :) I confused time and date :) I looked up the content directory spec and I could not find a time tag that could be provided along with the photos. The duration attribute does not really fit here... so not sure what to add.

      You said that the PS3 displays photos in a timeline - also when it plays them via UPnP? Shouldn't it use the order in which it receives it from the server?

      Regarding the thumbnail... I think we could make it work, let me have a look at the DLNA spec, I probably just need to add some tags to the XML.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-01-12

      Ok... regarding the thumbnails - I added some DLNA profile tags for the JPEG images, could you please test if thumbnails are now displayed correctly on the PS3?

      You'll have to use latest SVN code (revision 1622)


      • Christian Nilsson

        I will try it later (someone is using mediatomb, its popular at home ;)), but wildcoder seems to have confirmed that the thumbnails do work.

        I'm not so in to exif, content directory specs and what else. But isn't it the exif tag, EXIF_TAG_DATE_TIME, that should be imported to the mysql database?
        I mean this contains both date and time. Or maybe I'm just talking about stuff I have no idea about ;)

        The timeline; Yes, also via UPnP, it's the same slideshow. It kinda works because it is just as you say, it uses the order from server, but the ps3 uses the time to group pictures, and it shows the time next to the images, kinda boring when it is 00:00 all the time.
        Here is an example If you look carefuly you'll the the timestamps (and dates).

        • Jin

          Jin - 2008-01-13

          The problem with the time is not with exif - the ContentDirectory spec that I was talking about defines how objects are described in terms of UPnP, there are certain XML tags and certain information that the server can provide to the player.

          Those tags include the title, resolution, date (and other properties) of the particular media file, but I could not find a tag which would allow me to pass along the time information.

          So the problem is not in getting the time from the file, but in passing it on to the PS3 - I could not find anything in the UPnP spec to do that. I will have another look at the DLNA spec to see if there is something usable there.

          If you find a server where you see that the feature you are looking for works - let me know, we could then look at the XML and see if I missed something.

      • Christian Nilsson

        I installed the latest SVN (1623) and now I see thumbnails on the jpeg's on my ps3, magic! ;)

        Thanks a lot!

    • Pascal Pochol

      Pascal Pochol - 2008-01-12


      SVN Rev 1622 display jpeg thumbnails on the PS3.

      It's really funny that you don't have a PS3, it seems that the vast majority of MediaTomb's user are connecting from a PS3.

      Great job!


    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-01-12

      Well, we started the project long before the PS3 was developed ;) I of course noticed  that our userbase expanded quite rapidly after the PS3 UPnP-capable firmware was released.

      And I have to say - this added quite a lot of work for us, the PS3 tries to follow the DLNA standard in the most strict manner, so much that it is incompatible to plain UPnP servers; we plan to add full DLNA support this year, but for now it's just a single hack here and there to ensure PS3 compatibility.

      Anyway, I'm glad to hear that it worked out :>

  • Lee Brown

    Lee Brown - 2010-12-29

    HI Guys.  I am aware this is a 2 year old thread but I have a solution for this.

    The Date field is actually a ISO 8601 - date time field.
    so to get the time to be used, changed the part of the code in  just after the comment about ISO 8601
                            value = value.substring(0, 4) + "-" +
                                    value.substring(5, 2) + "-" +
                                    value.substring(8, 2) +"T"+

    and it will work. 
    However the import script that orders things by date will then need to be modified to exclude the time section.


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