Can't see files on HD

  • frank davis

    frank davis - 2007-08-26

    I can't see my files on filesystem or and the autoscan doesn't give me any options - they are greyed out.

    mediatomb 0.9.1 from fink on mac osx and got it to show on my PS3, but I can't add any files

    Any help apprecitated.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-08-26

      Hmm, so.. when you click on "filesystem" in the UI, you do not get a directory tree?

      I know that Safari is broken (I think the latest Windows beta finally fixed their javascript compatibility), not sure about the OSX version, the one we tried did not work. So in case you are using Safari - please try Firefox; this may be the problem.

      Also, do you see any errors printed by MediaTomb in the console?

      Kind regards,

    • frank davis

      frank davis - 2007-08-26

      Jin, you are awsome.

      It works with Firefox, I was sure it would be more complex than an issue with Safari.

      Under firefox, in addition to seeing the directory tree, more buttons appear on top.

      Wasn't sure by console if you mean the UI or the terminal but don't recall errors on either.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-08-26

      Hehe, thanks :)

      BTW, make sure your libmagic (file) installation is OK and that MT is compiled with libmagic support, it will keep away those nasty mimetype related problems. I had some reports about that, and often the libmagic installation on OSX was somehow broken (i.e. the magic file could not be loaded).

      Under console I mean the output in the terminal.


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