Mediatomb only works when I am ssh in

  • David Mondou

    David Mondou - 2010-10-28

    I have Ubuntu Server 10.04 running mediatomb. When I ssh into my server I can play videos through VLC on my laptop or my PS3. The minute I log out of my server the video stops and says "The content cannot be played".

    Not sure what is wrong.

  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-10-31

    Sounds like you started MediaTomb in the console as user and not in daemon mode? If you start it in foreground and close the terminal - you will terminate it, you need to run it in daemon mode.

  • David Mondou

    David Mondou - 2010-11-01

    It ended up being my folder permission settings. With my Video folder set to 777 it is now working.


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