Just to say, I'm looking to do exactly the same thing.

I think the answer is that the MT GUI is intended as a database tool but what we need is a uPnP browser which will work across the internet. And I've not discovered one.

I should add that I want to browse from a remote PC rather than e.g an Android device.

TheJester1977 <thejester1977@users.sf.net> wrote:

Hi folks. I am a COMPLETE newbie to Mediatomb, but I must say I like it a lot. I do have one issue I am hoping someone can help me with. I have my Meiatomb exposed to the world via dyndns and would like to be able to stream videos from wherever I am. But when I bring up my MT via my dyndns address, all the links on the right point back to my internal server IP. Is it possible to change this? So for instance, when I roll over a movie when on my MT from public internet, I see something similar to this:{port}/content/media/object_id=...

I need it to say:


Any thoughts? Thank you!!

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