Ad webradio URL to MediaTomb DNS-323

  • Gerben Dijkstra

    Gerben Dijkstra - 2009-06-12

    Hi all,

    Im a newbee on DNS-323, Linux and MediaTomb, so please be patient with me :P

    I am using a Funplugged DNS-323 with MediaTomb 0.12.0-SVN2017 installed (mediatomb-0.12.0-SVN2017-static-dns323.tar.gz)
    I can play my mp3 collection without problems.

    What I would like to do is to play a Windows Media webradio stream.
    I went to the webinterface and pressed the + sign under Database.

    Entered "3FM" for name
    Entered "" for URL
    And added for mimetype "video/x-ms-asf"

    Now "3FM" is visible on my Philips WAK3300 mediaplayer.
    But it does not play.

    How can I make this work, i have read something about transcoding, but I can't make any sense of it.
    Can somebody give me a little push in the right direction???


    • Jin

      Jin - 2009-08-09

      Look at the contents of the .asx URL, I assume that your mediaplayer is not capable of parsing it, so you may need to help it. Open it in some text editor, you should see URLs to the actual media - try entering those URLs in the web interface.

  • jan bennink

    jan bennink - 2011-12-21

    for a pls stream to my WAK3300 I did the following:
    make a content in your database :
                                                                  title:                radio 1
                                                                  Protocol:       http-get
                                                                  Class:            object.item.audioItem
                                                                  Mimetype:     audio/x-scpls
    For radio 3 it is also possible to stream pls to the WAK3300
    It looks like a asx stream is a "video" stream
    However: not all pls streams work via MEDIATOMB to the WAK3300; the URL does not work.
    I'am using KUBUNTU 11.10


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