Carl McGrath - 2012-01-05

I am using Mediatomb (on SuSE 11_4) to serve photo images to DirecTV settop Mediashare.
Mediashare seems to always display the thumbnail of an image if it is present rather than the large image.
Most digital cameras provide an embedded thumbnail in their jpeg images.

I was able to make serviio server work by removing the following(commenting out) from it's profiles.xml:
in the MediaFormatProfiles section

            (removed a bunch of stuff)
    <!--        <MediaFormatProfile mime-type="image/jpeg">JPEG_TN</MediaFormatProfile>  cjm per directv forum -->
            <MediaFormatProfile mime-type="image/png">PNG_LRG</MediaFormatProfile>
    <!--        <MediaFormatProfile mime-type="image/png">PNG_TN</MediaFormatProfile>   cjm per directv forum -->
            (removed a bunch of stuff)

Is there a similar section , perhaps hidden or a default, that can be modified in Meditomb to effectively unmap the
JPEG_TN mimetype.

Pardon my syntax - I am a DLNA and xml noob