Pete - 2014-01-08

Hi there, I hope I'm in the right place for this...

OK so I've dowloaded Bubble UPnP for Android as I want to stream music from my WD Netdisk to my DLNA amp. So in trying to add a media server (I thought this would be fairly simple, just give the IP address/username/password of the folder) it's told me I need to configure MediaTomb to make this happen, which is fine but I have no experience of the program at all and I'd be so grateful if someone could help me here. My setup is as follows:

My library is on my WD Netdisk which is about six years old. This is accessed by my laptop which runs Itunes, and conects to my Pioneer VX922 AV amp via Apple Airplay. I bought an ASUS tablet as I wanted to use this as a remote for all my music, basically streaming from the Netdisk (The library on the Netdisk is constantly being updated via my laptop) and streaming to my Pioneer amp. What I want to try to do is cut the laptop out of the equation when playing music. An itunes remote app for the tablet works great but requires the laptop to be on with Itunes running constantly and I'd like a way round this.

Any help (very) gratefully accepted!!