rod - 2011-01-07

Has anyone been successful in getting MediaTomb to play quicktime movies?

I've setup an old laptop with Ubuntu 10.10 and a couple of external drives to store my photos and videos and been trying to set it up as a MediaTomb DLNA server. So far I've been able to get my Samsung UN55B8500 TV to see the MediaTomb server and can see pictures fine after doing some googling and making some edits to the config.xml file. I can also see some videos like AVI and MPEG-4 but I am having a hard time getting it to play quicktime format videos.

I've followed the instructions at this link ( and modified my config.xml and got a little further so that I no longer get the "Not Supported File Format" message but the video doesn't play. It looks like the file starts to load and then it hangs.

Can anyone help me with this please? If you have a sample config.xml that you can share it would be very helpful. I'm very new at this and just learning as I go.