Jack Elliott - 2010-12-18

Hi guys,

I am trying to set up mediatomb from  my server (Ubuntu 10.04 64bit) to my media player (Zyxel DMA-1000).

I can play a .mp4 file fine, so I don't think that the issue is anything to do with networking, the server, or the media player itself (but I could well be wrong!). .avi and .mkv files are shown on the player but are 'grayed out' and so I cannot select them. I have (I think) configured the config file to support the media player with the

<!-- Uncomment the line below for D-Link DSM / ZyXEL DMA-1000 -->
<map from="avi" to="video/avi"/> -->

code however I still cannot play the file. I have attached the rest of my config file in a pastebin here. Any help would be very much appreciated guys.