phantom nzxt - 2013-04-15

Hello folks,
My basic problem is that my media folders don't appear to be visible from the web gui under .

I successfully installed Mediatomb onto my homemade NAS box running Openfiler. I am able to access the web gui and Mediatomb is displayed on my PS3 along with the "default" PC Directory and Photos. But again, can't "find" my openfiler media folders.
Now, Openfiler is installed on a USB stick and I'm booting my nas from that. I think all I am seeing in the filesystem is what's on my bootable usb. I'm an not "seeing" anything on my RAID1 drives. The drives have a volume and folder containing my media that is currently accessible on my home network via \\openfiler\nas1\homenas….etc.
Am I just not finding this folder or what's up? Simple problem likely, I'm probably missing something simple.