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  • Ray Schumacher

    Ray Schumacher - 2009-07-12

    How is mediatomb made to work on DirecTV HR21-200?  I have compiled version 0.12.0 from source after previously downloading dependencies and their devel files, and I have also made modifications to config.xml as suggested for the DirecTV DVR's in the transcoding link on the mediatomb web page.  The DVR does find mediatomb and is able to find files according to set scan on the web interface page but detects only mpg's and does not play them, stating there are no playable files in the directory.  Would like to be able to play JPEGs and WAV files.  I was able to find these files when I had version 0.11.0 installed but I still couldn't play anything.

    • Ray Schumacher

      Ray Schumacher - 2009-07-14

      A little more info on my problem, which may be applicable to problems others have with the HR2x series DirecTV DVRs.  The 0.12.0 mediatomb version is installed on one of my computers, but the 0.11.0 version is installed on another.  My initial post appears to have been wrong, in that I can (upon trying it again) use 0.11.0 to access and display jpegs on the DVR (although not mpegs).  Also, when transcoding is turned on by setting

      transcoding on=yes

      in config.xml, version 0.12.0 does not start at all, instead giving the error message

      error in configuration, transcoding profile "transvideo" could not find transcoding command ffmpegvideo in $PATH.

      Since I am not a serious Unix geek, I just don't know what to do with this.  Despite installation of everything I can find with ffmpeg or ffmpeg-devel by urpmi, no file by the name of ffmpegvideo appears anywhere on the hard disk, so what good would it do to add this command to $PATH?  When transcoding is turned off, mediatomb 0.12.0 does run, but then all I get is display of mpegs in the scanned path, and the DVR will not play them.  I am running Mandriva 2009 on both machines.  I do not think the problem is in the hardware, because Tversity works OK (in Windows Vista).

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-11-01

    this is a late reply, but for other people having this issue:
    look here under DirecTV HR2x Transcoding.

    [there are all the bash scripts to make the transcoding work.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-04-05

    I'm having the same problem. After changing the Config.xml for mediatomb to include the trans-coding for the HR2x I get an error when starting mediatomb that it can't find the path for command ffmpegvideo. I'm new to Ubuntu and maybe I'm missing something, but I believe I have added all the ffmpeg packages that are available. 


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