Mediatomb crashes scanning directory

  • Christian Herzyk


    today mediatomb started crashing on my system.
    I am running Sabayon Linux with the latest updates, but I am not sure if the problem comes from this or a former update as mediatomb has not been restarted for some time.

    In the logfile I get this error:

    mediatomb[12371] general protection ip:7fd86057105c sp:7fd853f76a88 error:0 in[7fd860563000+1b000]

    When cleaning out the config files and starting mediatomb for the first time it works until it starts to scan the direcories.
    When running it from console with -D I get this last line:

    2011-12-20 13:37:03   DEBUG: [../src/metadata/] fillMetadata(): Running ffmpeg handler on /data/media/video/video.avi
    Segmentation fault

    This seems to be the first call of ffmpeg_handler.

    The versions of the (probably) important packages are:

    Any idea where the problem is coming from and how it could be solved?

    Thanks in advance



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